April 9, 2018


Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for Chatbots

Natural Language Processing and language understanding is what we’re all about. Whether you’re using these technologies to gain insight into your social media feeds, to analyze customer comments and reviews, or whether you’re developing custom chatbots, Arenji can help. We provide a wide range of consulting, from development to architecture and project management. We also host and manage custom solutions.

We offer:

Natural Language Processing models

Structure your unstructured data. Gain insights from your natural language feeds, either general sentiment indicators or tracking of specific phrases.

  • Track sentiment over time.
  • Get alerts when specific issues or concerns are discussed.
  • Automate coding of open ended survey responses.
  • Analyze customer feedback for commonality and trends.

Custom chatbot development

Improve customer engagement, reduce support costs, or just provide an enhanced user experience. Chatbots provide a more natural way to interact with your customers. Common applications include:

  • Customer support
  • Chat based FAQ / Q&A
  • Command and control (e.g. IoT or CLI replacement)

We can develop, manage and host the bot, or work with your team to support a fully-integrated solution.

Architectural help –

Leverage our expertise. We’re always monitoring the current research and best practices in machine learning for NLP and chatbot architecture, and can help you develop and execute a plan.

We’re based in Portland, Oregon; drop us a line to discuss your needs.